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Dom posted this the other day.

The interview is actually one of my favourites that they've done together. It's from when they were promoting Season 5 of Prison Break and they were trying to make origami cranes. So seeing Dom post about it was a treat.

But I really love the "love ya buddy" directed towards Wentworth. They really do have a great friendship, one that I hope soon involves them working together again.
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I very much loved this episode.

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Dammit they name dropped Snart again!

Stop it!

But don't stop!

Because I don't want him forgotten about.

But I also don't want to get my hopes up.


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"There are no strings on us."

Oh, The Flash, do you really have to make an indirect reference to Leonard Snart? These types of things always get my hopes up.

In general, I liked this episode. I've been liking this season. A lot. But I've grown a tad tired of Cicada and the fact Team Flash always beats him and then lets him get away. I think Cicada should have been replaced around mid-season. Either by the female Cicada (from the future) and have her be more powerful or Thawne. I also think they should use the New Rogues more.

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I keep on forgetting to post this.

Dominic posted this the other day:

There is no doubt about it, that is Snart and Mick.

I know I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment but I can't help but wonder if it means something. Dom picked pictures those characters on purpose when he made the post. He could have used random pictures of himself and Wentworth, or pictures of Michael and Linc. If he wanted to post something Legends related because the show is back in a month he could have posted just Mick, or Mick and another character (like Nate). Snart however is not a character seen since Season 2, the REAL Snart (the one who went through all the experiences with the Legends) hasn't been seen since Season 1.

It probably is going to just mean nothing, but a girl can hope.
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I thought this was cute.

Wentworth originally posted this video (as a side note he must have really liked it since he posted twice in one day to post it which he never does).

Dominic then reposted it a few days later.

It's the comment he included that I love:

"me and Went dancing together when we are old fella’s. love it."

Because yes, I can't totally see it. lol

And now we know what's going to happen in Prison Break Season 10. :p
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Nia is rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters on the show. She's just so super cute.

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I want to talk about this scene from Prison Break S5.

It's one of my favourite scenes from the series and is why I'd be okay if they never get around to making a sixth season.

I got into PB because of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, I knew they were brothers in the series and I knew the general premise since I remembered the show when it originally aired. But what I did not expect was how much I loved their scenes together as brothers.

There a lot of scenes like this throughout the series. Some that come to mind is the big hug between them in the riot episode in S1, the scenes between them right before Linc's execution (also in S1), their reunion in S5, etc. I really do love their relationship together and think it's one of the best examples of siblings in TV/film. Because they really do love each other and it's the driving force of the series, two brothers who would do anything for each other.

Back to this scene though, I loved that their final scene was with each other. It wasn't with Michael and Sara (with or without their son), it was between the two of them. And as much as I like Michael's relationships with Sara, his relationship with Lincoln really is the heart of the show.


Feb. 14th, 2019 02:36 am
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As I've been making my way through my rewatch of Legends, I'm also watching the extras on the blu-ray. It's a first for me since I only recently got the blu-rays. Therefore I did not know until now that the Beebo from the end of 'Beebo the God of War' was Nate's childhood Beebo!

I always just assumed that they fabricated a new one. But no, it's Nate's and he apparently loved it enough to have it with him on the Waverider.

It also makes more sense now for why Nate was thinking about Beebo in the S3 finale.
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I talk quite a bit about Snart, Mick and their love for each other. Because even when you don't ship them, they have an intense bond, there is love, even if there are times when they have a fucked up relationship.

So why did Snart kill a version of Mick?

The best explanation is Snart was pulled from the timeline after he got the cold gun (which he already has) but before he reconnected with Mick by giving him the heat gun. This is why in WWI Snart asks Mick when did they ever destroy things they've stolen, when Mick does exactly that in their first episode together on the Flash, he destroys the painting they steal.

This period was probably one of the worst periods for them. They hadn't seen each other in a year and left on bad terms. There was likely a lot of hard feelings still between them.

But it was hard feelings that Snart got over quick the other times. On the Flash, Snart was willing to let Mick walk away from the job, something he killed another member of his team over in his first episode. And in Doomworld he was willing to Thawne's lapdog to protect Mick.

In WWI, Snart didn't have time to get over his hard feelings towards Mick. But there's also the fact that this Snart was fighting for his survival, he knew he was going to die (a sacrfice he didn't understand), which wasn't a concern to him on the Flash and in Doomworld.

By the time he died, Snart probably would have hated the version in WWI if he encountered him, especially for the way he treated Mick.
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I recently rewatched the Doomworld episode and had some observations from it.
  • I still love that Snart and Mick could have anything they wanted from the Spear of Destiny and the only thing they both wanted was to be together, robbing banks.

  • Snart made a deal with Thawne for Mick's safety. I find this part interesting since it more or less turned Snart into Thawne's lapdog, something he no doubt hated, but he did it anyway for Mick.

  • When Mick betrayed him, Snart went to Malcolm and Darhk for help. Until that point he had no desire to turn on Thawne, but now he did, for Mick.

  • Also when Mick betrayed him, he wasn't angry, his first instinct was to get Mick back.

  • Snart sounded almost sad when he killed Amaya. I don't think he particularly wanted to do it but Mick had pissed him off with a second betrayal.

I think it shows, regardless of whether someone ships them or not, Snart and Mick have an extremely close bond. I'd even go as far as say it's love even if it's not romantic love (Mick did tell his hallucination of Snart that he loved him).

And it shows that even when evil, Snart cares about Mick. Mick's probably the only one (besides Lisa) that Snart cares about. At least that version of Snart. By the time Snart joins the Legends he does show care about the rest of his team, even long before he sacrificed his life.
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Yes, it's true, Snart is secretly a nerd. Not as nerdy as Ray or Nate but there are two scenes that draw attention to the fact that he does have some nerd tendencies.

The first is a scene in the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow. It's when he, Sara and Mick are returning from the bar and interrupt Chronos' attack and Snart calls Chronos, 'Boba Fett'.

Now it's not a surprise that Snart has seen Star Wars. He would have been a child when the movies were released and they likely were a big deal to him since he was a kid and it was Star Wars. Therefore Snart being familiar with the main characters wouldn't have been a surprise, instead however he mentioned Boba Fett, who while popular among Star Wars fans, maybe has 5 minutes of screen time between two movies. It's a reference that a casual fan of the movies wouldn't necessary know.

At the very least Star Wars was something important to Snart during his childhood. It's possible he had one of the dolls action figures and remembered the name from there.

But there's more than just the Star Wars reference.

In a Season 3 episode of the Flash (when Barry pulls Snart from the timeline), Snart makes a reference to watching Shark Week aboard the Waverider. He didn't just watch Shark Week, he memorized facts involving great white sharks.

He also had dinosaur pajamas as a kid.

And is smart enough to figure out complex security systems within seconds.

So yeah, Snart a bit of a nerd in addition to be a cool, snarky, cocky bastard.


Jan. 28th, 2019 04:59 pm
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Dominic is at it again.

I really like to think these posts mean something. It's normal for Dom to make the odd post about Wentworth but he really is posting a lot about him lately.

Maybe it's because Wentworth started posting to Instagram at the beginning of the month. But I really am hoping it means something more. A surprise Snart appearance in an episode that Dom recently filmed for Legends, or perhaps there's soon going to be news about Prison Break.

I really would take anything.
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I feel like Dominic is one of the few people who would be able to get away with calling him "Wenty". Because I know the rumours from way back when said he hated that nickname.

And now I suddenly want, years from now after Legends and Prison Break are done for good, for them to do a remake of the Odd Couple.

EDIT: I just realized, hours later, that this is the third time this month that Dom has posted something like this. Normally it's just once a month. Either he's really missing Wentworth right now or *fingers crossed* it's a sign of good things to come. Perhaps there will be some PB news or maybe a return to Legends.
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I recently saw someone wondering why Snart wears a parka if he likes the cold. It's actually something I've thought a lot about over the years. It's easy to look at the parka and think he's naturally cold and needs it to keep warm.

But it's actually the opposite since he quite clearly says different times that he likes the cold and doesn't like the heat.

What I figure is it was probably cold when he first wore and kept it up afterwards because he was using it as part of his Captain Cold persona.

Notice that within the first couple of episodes of Legends he stops wearing it. Because he's no longer Captain Cold, he moves from being a villain to a hero. He even has that infamous line after Savage asks him who he is "Leonard Snart, Robber of ATMs". Not Captain Cold, not a supervillain.

Even before he joins the Legends he wasn't always wearing the parka. Barry interrupts his downtime at the bar in a couple of episodes and both times he's wearing a leather jacket. There's also a flashback during Season 3 of the Flash to show what Snart was doing the night the particle accelerator exploded, no parka. It's because he wasn't being Captain Cold in these incidences.

There is one time when Snart is wearing a parka before he becomes Captain Cold and it's when Mick travels to 2013 to say good-bye to him. We don't know what that time of the year that scene took place, it easily could have been cold out. But I also think they wanted Snart in something different rather than the jacket he was wearing all year to help show that it was a pre-Legends Snart. Plus much like Leo's eventual exit on the Flash, I think they wanted that last appearance of Snart to be wearing his traditional clothes that are most associated with him.

And then there's Leo. Like Snart, Leo wears a parka as part of his costume. But there's only two times he wears it aboard the Waverider. In Crisis on Earth-X when they're in a middle of the war and when he's about to leave to return to his own world. The rest of the time he's not wearing it. And unlike Snart he never switches to a lighter jacket, he just wears the sweater he normally wears under the parka. He also likes the cold.

So yeah, the parka is part of his costume and not something he wears because he's cold all the time. He likes the cold, doesn't hate it.
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I saw this comment left for Dominic Purcell on his latest Instagram post and want to take a moment to vent. There actually were a lot of comments about Prison Break even though the post is about Legends of Tomorrow (there always is) but this one in particular stood out to me).

I start being angry dominic you've been talking about season 6 for over a year and i hate what fact i should believe so tell us the truth and what year is going to be out ??

Dominic was very clear months ago that Season 6 of Prison Break had been delayed due to the buyout of Fox.

It also doesn't take a genius to know that he has contract commitments to Legends of Tomorrow. Every PB fan should know it since that's the reason why Season 5 was only 9 episode, there was no time to film more before Dom had to be back to work on (what was at the time) Season 2 of Legends.

When he's a main character on both shows it's not fair to expect him to film both at one time. Even if both shows were willing to have a schedule that would work (Legends have no reasons to allow that) he would never have any time off for months.

Because of Legends we also know that if PB doesn't film at some point between this February and June, it's not being filmed this year, which means Season 6 won't be out until 2020 at the earliest.

I love Prison Break, but I really do get tired of fans wanting to know where it is when there are reasonable explanations for why it's taking so long.
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I've already posted my thoughts on the Legends shout out I also wanted to comment on the episode itself.

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